It all started when...

This service was created as a result of a long and prayerful process by the members of the Moreton Rivers Presbytery, The Gap Uniting Church and a Facilitation Team. The goal was to 'commence an engaging, free-ranging worship service, owned by youth and young adults and open to all' 

The creation of the service was much needed within The Gap Uniting Church, as a space for the older youth and young adults to explore and strengthen their faith. The aim of this service is to bring together likeminded young people from the congregation and the wider community to discuss and challenge the things they believe and to delve deeper into their relationships with God.

As something new, the hope is to create a successful service, and more importantly, that which comes along with it - people strong in faith that will build upon and create the next Christian generation within our community.

Night Church is a worship service of The Gap Uniting Church which launches to the public Oct 29 2017.

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